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Please read this may not apply to all customers but will effect a few members, on May 2017 Tom Christian the former owner sold of IPS Themes to myself before this period this site was closed and redirect to IPS Community so all theme would be paid via there.

On June 2017 i restarted IPS Themes site during this period every old customer needed sign up again as no data (username,passwords or sales) was sent over during this deal due to data protection reasons. During small period i would allow all customer had invoice direct from past owner have free theme to same period or if no in date invoice allow the custom pay reduce fee, but now come to stage that people feel should get free theme no matter the invoice date and because this from the 1st July 2018 i will stop any reduce fee on theme and every custom will need buy new theme with the renew fee, this will also apply any plugins and copyright fees from the old owner.

 If you feel the above is wrong or feel that wish to talk about the matter please feel free send me PM but i feel that allowed over year people to sign up with new account and provide me a invoice to get new update for there theme.

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