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IPS Themes 4.3.x

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So IPS have started making there plans for 4.3.x currently only in Alpha no beta at the moment so we unable see what changes have been applied but so far looks like lot new items have been added and tweaks to the current new app called clubs been shown. So with 4.3.x all IPS Themes will have new framework that will start being built soon as Beta is out and start making new and better changes to all the themes at moment can't see any issues any current settings but we see.

Below the current themes 


Coming to 4.3.x line up will be Pulse and plan working few darker themes plus return another classic theme CleanCut but this version will not be same as 3.2.x or 3.4.x this be very new twist.

As we also build plugins we will also work updating every plugin but do have bad news all Free plugin will NOT be free in 4.3.x this stop IPS moaning about the free plugins issue.

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