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Background color

Adds a solid color of your choice to the background of your site.

TIP: This doesn't have any impact if you've enabled the background image options below.

Enable background image

Upload an image to appear in the background of your site.

Override logo

By default, IPS Suite themes uses the site name that you configured when first installing the site as the main logo text. This option will override that.

TIP: If you upload an image based logo from the "Logos" section, it will override this option.

Adaptive logo size

Is your site name too long? Enable this and we'll adjust the font-size of the text to fit on a single line.

Primary theme color

This is the main color used across the IPS Community Suite.

TIP: Some areas of the suite are not impacted by this setting. For more specific styling, see the "Backgrounds" section.

Secondary theme color

This is the secondary color used across the suite.

Boxed mode

Boxed mode will add invisible padding around the container of your site.

TIP: This looks great if you add a background image!

Sticky header

Makes your site's header fixed to the top of the page so that it's always present when scrolling a page.

Shrink header after scroll

Reduces the height of the header after scrolling so that it doesn't take up too much space.

Show sticky header on mobile

Older mobile devices don't support fixed headers. We provide you with the option to offer a consistent experience or not.

TIP: Check caniuse.com to see how well fixed headers are supported.

Navigation layout

Choose the layout of your site's navigation. We prefer a navigation floated to the right. However, we offer a full-width variation as seen in the default Community Suite theme.

Forum layout

Choose between traditional rows or a grid layout.

Default store layout

Choose between a grid layout or a list.

Enable responsiveness

Enables a mobile enhanced version of the IPS Community Suite using "Responsive Design".

Site width (% or px)

Choose a default site width.

TIP: Eg- 89% or 980px

Header height (px)

Resizes the height of the site's main header.

Breadcrumb height (px)

Resizes the height of the breadcrumb bar (also where the social icons are positioned).

Sidebar position

Choose either left or right.

Show sidebar on mobile

Allow your users to access the sidebar on their mobile devices.

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