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  1. Agile 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Hi Pete, please let me know when that is finished. Also, I have a suggestion for you, and it could help your business. I have worked with someone and implemented inline critical CSS, as well as some other changes that greatly increased my site's speed scores in google: I used to score in the 30% area, and it was steadily dropping. The fact is, IPB doesn't give a crap about their users' google page rank or they would have done something about this long ago. You as a skin developer could offer certain to differentiate you from other skin makers--site speed skins. Just a thought. My site now scores in the 75% - 85% range in google speed tests, and as a results my rank is going back up:
  2. Agile 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    The good news is I am back into my original account...not sure what happened, but I think it has to do with using screen names instead of email addresses...I'd switch to the latter. Can you please tell me if you uploaded a new version of the skin over the weekend as you intended? I don't see dates on the file downloads, so I am not sure if Agile v. 1.0.2 includes the fixes.
  3. Agile 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Hello Pete, I love the theme, however, there are many errors in it. Please see: Are you planning to fix these? One direct bug I've seen is that the twitter feed in the footer no longer works.