Welcome to Off Topic Hut

Ideology / Rules

Off Topic Hut (OTH) operates on a "use common sense" basis. Basically, if you would not do it on most forums, don't do it here. Don't spam, don't advertise, nothing "not safe for work" (except in the correct boards in The Red Zone), treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. If you troll, expect to be treated with little to no respect or compassion (Depending on what mood we're in) If you spam, you're out. If you have a web site and would like to advertise, you are welcome to in your signature.

Off Topic Hut runs under the law and jurisdiction of the United Kingdom (where its owner and founder is based), so anything posted on Off Topic Hut which breaks the law in this territory is prohibited.

Privacy Policy

During our registration process, we will collect certain privileged information, such as your email address, IP address among other things. We will never share any of this information with anyone outside of our privileged staff members, who have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement. If someone (who is not you) wants access to your information, to obtain it they will need a court order from the courts of the United Kingdom, which we will comply to.

Banned users and Spammers are exempt from this, and subject to having their details shared, they lose any privacy privileges they had on OTH. In particular, if you are a spammer, or deemed as one, your email address and IP Address can be used in a spam prevention programme, and submitted to the necessary parties.

Submitted Content

All content which is posted to Off Topic Hut becomes a part of Off Topic Hut, and can not be removed. It remains your own intellectual property as a singular object, but property of Off Topic hut as a whole and in context. A post is your property, and remains so, but once it is added to a topic, it becomes the joint property of you, and Off Topic Hut (as a whole). If the Off Topic Hut site is sold, no payment will be given to members for their freely added posts, but the post remains yours to post wherever you wish. Topics cannot be copied from Off Topic Hut to any other website in their entirety without the prior written permission of Off Topic Hut

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