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  4. IPS Themes 4.3.x

    So IPS have started making there plans for 4.3.x currently only in Alpha no beta at the moment so we unable see what changes have been applied but so far looks like lot new items have been added and tweaks to the current new app called clubs been shown. So with 4.3.x all IPS Themes will have new framework that will start being built soon as Beta is out and start making new and better changes to all the themes at moment can't see any issues any current settings but we see. Below the current themes Agile Cosmic Haze Luminous Rush Simplify Coming to 4.3.x line up will be Pulse and plan working few darker themes plus return another classic theme CleanCut but this version will not be same as 3.2.x or 3.4.x this be very new twist. As we also build plugins we will also work updating every plugin but do have bad news all Free plugin will NOT be free in 4.3.x this stop IPS moaning about the free plugins issue.
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  6. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    As per PM i can't see you as custom please provide where got this theme !!
  7. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Hi One Doubht is their Admin posting Movies but author Names Not Showing Colours How to Set Colour
  8. Am I lost?

    I am no idea how you got this site as we are not IGMA.
  9. Am I lost?

    I was wanting to join the IGMA forum but this does not look like it. How did I get here? Thanks so much
  10. Dropdown Menu

    Thank you feedback we now fixed this with update we been working on.
  11. Dropdown Menu

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the dropdown menu is too dark to really see anything here on the website.
  12. Joel Feedback on Framework.XML

    @JoelR Thank you for taking your time and reviewing the theme called Framework, its been very nice of you take small amount time to review the theme in question and all items you reported back in this post, will be improved and updated to the theme in question.
  13. Joel Feedback on Framework.XML

    Gallery and Download follow button - needs to be fixed Gallery and Download follow button - needs to be fixed Downloads For an IP.Download file. Minor items to be improved: Promote button - needs outline Follow button Tags I checked other items such as Staff, Online Users, Leaderboard, Clubs, Activity Stream, and third-party apps such as Application Forms by Fosters and Babble by CodingJungle, and they all look good. Nice job with the theme!
  14. Joel Feedback on Framework.XML

    Font Area of improvement. There are too many different families of fonts. Most fonts in community look like Tacoma - tall, grateful, and sans serif. It's used in the user navbar, the main menu, the Mark Site read and breadcrumb, most information in the forum index, and all of the footer. BUT ... then the hero message and app name use a serif font, which looks awkward. Menu dropdown Area of improvement. Colors in the menu dropdown need to be fixed Forums Forum Index - Improvements: Font used in "Forums" app name Topic List - Improvements: "Follow this content" button too close to title Page numbers too light to read. Tags not rounded on leftside Topic - Improvements: "Follow this content" button too close to title Promote button needs outline Recommended Posts, Poll, Quote - good
  15. Private testing by Joel on November 5 2017 for Framework.XML provided by Pete T on October 28 2017 Overall Feedback Initial impression one week ago as well as today is that this is a very professional theme and very well done. The overall layout, use of space, coloring, and advanced footer are all well done. There are a couple of minor spots that could use some work, so I'll help pinpoint areas. Color palette - Love the "midnight blue" and "blush red." Great combination of color. The colors are very neutral and professional, which means it will work on a wide-variety of communities such as professional, general discussion, business, customer support, and mixed use. Improvements: none Design - The overall layout and use of white space is well done. It's a very 'clean' theme with lots of white spaec and large layouts for easy navigation. Improvements: minor. Custom - The advanced footer, social media icons, and back to top are very nice. The hero message is especially a professional touch. I really like how the hero theme can be 'sticky', which gives almost like a parallax effect when scrolling. When you rollover social media icons, the 'bounce' effect is nice too. Improvements: none
  16. Please Read

    Dear All Customers. For many members this message will not apply but to new/old members not already aware IPS Themes was run before by Tom Christian, on or before May all themes taken over by myself and the old website was closed by Tom and the domain was the redirected to IPS Community Forum. This new forum was open on or before August 1st 2017 with fresh license for IPS and fresh database at this stage no past customers had any login details for this site so any old details will not work you will need to sign up as fresh username/email address. To all past IPS Themes customers only any themes and plugin paid for under Else If (IPS Themes past owner) will need re added once you signup and provide invoice showing the theme, we hold no past invoices from Tom due to data protection if don't have old invoice i am unable to help sorry that might sound harsh but no way find out if did have theme or plugin. All invoice please PM or send to also remember if have any past renewals please cancel them if under Else If Ltd as we don't own that company all invoice will display IPB Services UK from 1st August 2017, any issue again please send me PM i will help where i can.
  17. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    This is a very nice theme, thank you.
  18. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Understood. PM'ing you the details
  19. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    I need admin login details to review why the issue there, the details can be created for me and sent via PM if can't do that i can't help
  20. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Ah, I see. What details do you need exactly? Due to data protection we can't provide admin details
  21. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Ok been waiting for this person send me details so i can take a look as working prefect here.
  22. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Sorry, I didn't purchase it myself. I'm part of the team that contacted you here:
  23. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Can i ask where you got the theme from ? as don't see any invoice for you here at IPS Themes.
  24. Haze 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    We're having an issue where the reactions (in our case only "Likes") are breaking the theme, which is why we had to disable the Reputation/Reaction system for now. Screenshot attached. We'd love something like the previous system which was a simple unimposing "Like" button; alternatively, something more in line with the default theme: If replacing the 120x120 icon by something smaller, it is still misaligned like in the screenshot.
  25. Future Post Testing

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequatLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam
  26. Agile 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Hi Pete, please let me know when that is finished. Also, I have a suggestion for you, and it could help your business. I have worked with someone and implemented inline critical CSS, as well as some other changes that greatly increased my site's speed scores in google: I used to score in the 30% area, and it was steadily dropping. The fact is, IPB doesn't give a crap about their users' google page rank or they would have done something about this long ago. You as a skin developer could offer certain to differentiate you from other skin makers--site speed skins. Just a thought. My site now scores in the 75% - 85% range in google speed tests, and as a results my rank is going back up:
  27. Agile 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Scott Your issue has been fixed but we found another bug that been reported about tags on peoples names and trying fix this before upload new version.
  28. Agile 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    The good news is I am back into my original account...not sure what happened, but I think it has to do with using screen names instead of email addresses...I'd switch to the latter. Can you please tell me if you uploaded a new version of the skin over the weekend as you intended? I don't see dates on the file downloads, so I am not sure if Agile v. 1.0.2 includes the fixes.
  29. Agile 4.2.x by IPS Themes

    Please also look at the other issue where you cannot see the poster's info on a post, you can only see the post, not who made it.
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