Social Icons IPB3

Showcase your favourite social media websites throughout IP.Board.

Last Updated
28th August 2016
27th May 2014
1.0.2 (changelog)
IP.Board 3.x
Tom Christian

Social Icons offers the perfect solution for showcasing your favourite social media websites in six different locations throughout IP.Board. This hook utilises the flexibility of font icons by allowing full control over size, colour and positioning using simple cross browser CSS. This eliminates the need for additional .PNG icons and therefore adds no additional page load time. Social Icons can be loaded in single or multiple locations within IP.Board (header, navigation, content, sidebar, floating and footer).

  • Massive Selection

    By default, the plugin ships with 174 vector based icons with more added on request.

  • Flexible Locations

    Choose to show your icons in six different locations (header, footer, navigation menu, content, sidebar block and floating).

  • Group Access

    The settings offer complete control over which groups can and cannot use the plugin.

  • Size Control

    Choose from five different sizes pre-loaded into the plugin settings ranging from 14px to 30px.

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