Retina Logo

Adds two methods of displaying a retina ready & hi-dpi logo to your visitors.

Last Updated
11th September 2015
31st March 2015
1.0.1 (changelog)
IPS Suite 4
Tom Christian

Retina Logo by IPS Themes is a simple plugin that adds two methods of displaying a retina & hi-dpi ready logo to your visitors. The first method is simple down-scaling of your theme’s uploaded logo. The second method is a full image replacement via Javascript.

  • Method One

    Down scale your theme’s uploaded logo. (Requires a logo 2x the default size to be uploaded).

  • Method Two

    Detects retina/hi-dpi vistors via Javascript and replaces the logo with an image of your choice.

  • Integrated Localization

    Built to IPS4’s localization standards meaning you can easily translate the plugin to your language.

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