Offline Pages IPB3

Stylish & modern designs for the board offline page.

Last Updated
9th August 2015
1st May 2013
1.0.1 (changelog)
IP.Board 3.x
Tom Christian

Offline Pages is a small hook that replaces the default ‘Board Offline’ page with a stylish and modern design that’s fully responsive down to mobile devices. This hook is shipped with seven awesome background images selectable via the hook settings. Alternatively, you can follow the documentation included on how to add your own background images.

  • Background Selection

    Offline Pages by IPS Themes contains seven awesome background images to choose from via the plugin settings.

  • Fully Customizable

    The offline message that you display is fully customizable from within your admin panel.

  • Default Functionality

    Offline Pages extends the default IP.Board functionality meaning you can switch the board offline with the same process as usual.

  • Premium Support

    One license entitles you to one year of premium support. This means unlimited tickets and access to our premium support section.

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