Editor Themes IPB3

Style Invision Power Board’s built in WYSIWYG post editor.

Last Updated
28th August 2016
15th March 2014
1.0.1 (changelog)
IP.Board 3.x
Tom Christian

Editor Themes is a tiny and lightweight (12kb) hook that completely re-styles Invision Power Board’s built in CKEditor. This hook utilises the flexibility and efficiency of font icons by delivering all editor icons via a single HTTP request. As a result, this prevents the loading of a .PNG sprite file containing 40+ icons. Editor Themes relies on the CSS :before pseudo class which has support for the following browsers: Chome (all), Firefox 3.5+, Safari 1.3+, Opera 6+ and IE8+

  • Style Builder

    We’ve built a custom style builder into the plugin settings offering you full control over the appearance.

  • Group Access

    The settings offer complete control over which groups can and cannot use the plugin.

  • Font Awesome

    Editor Themes by IPS Themes utilizes the very same font library as seen in IPS Community Suite 4.0.

  • Premium Support

    One license entitles you to one year of premium support. This means unlimited tickets and access to our premium support section.

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