Admin Login Background

Ability to select your own background image on the IPS Suite 4 administrator login page.

Last Updated
11th September 2015
22nd March 2015
1.0.1 (changelog)
IPS Suite 4
Tom Christian

Admin Login Background by IPS Themes adds the ability to select your own background image on the IPS Suite 4.0 administrator login page. Set a default image for all visitors of the login page or allow visitors to select from a series of images. Selections are saved in a cookie so all future visits will show the selected background.

  • Default Image

    Ability to set a default background image that will show to all visitors of the admin page.

  • Selectable Images

    Upload multiple images and allow administrators to select their own background image.

  • Integrated Localization

    Built to IPS4’s localization standards meaning you can easily translate the plugin to your language.

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